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Human resources and other services primarily include qualified staffing services for ticketing, hospitality and security activities. Supplementary services are also provided, all connected to event management and organisation such as the management of administrative and fiscal procedures connected to the event, communication and sports marketing management.

ImageThe Company has always applied stringent recruitment criteria that go beyond the provisions set forth in applicable standards and legislation. Most of our personnel therefore have at least a certificate of lower secondary education and speak at least one foreign language.

In order to improve the professional skills of its staff, Best Union also holds periodic training courses that are differentiated according to the different levels of responsibility. These courses focus on legal, public order, public safety (for example fire-prevention activities, evacuation plans) aspects and technical issues (familiarity with the system and the relative software products).

The staff appointed to perform activities is broken down according to an organisational model organised into different responsibility levels.


[2 Supervisors – 150 Operations Managers – 200 Assistant managers – 8,000 Stewards and control and security staff members – 1,500 Hostesses – 1,200 Security staff – 1,000 Ticket office staff – 200 Technicians]

The structure is topped by supervisors who coordinate and deal with the planning of resources. The Operations Manager has full autonomy and acts as the client’s sole interlocutor, being present at the venue for the entire duration of services. Operations Managers are directly superior to their individual Assistant Managers, of which there is one for each function. Last but not least, at the base of the pyramid is a force of about 10,000 employees able to perform their individual positions.

The Operations Managers use a managerial computer system called EBC Gest, which allows them to manage the full staff database (containing over 10,000 individuals), used by all Operations Managers for event management.  EBC Gest also makes it possible to track the experience of and training courses attended by each member of staff by updating their skills.

These systems allow real-time monitoring and control over the different organisational phases, making it possible to intervene rapidly in any critical situation.