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Areas of Business

Hospitality services

Hospitality services are those activities performed by specialised staff during trade fairs, sports events and shows.
These professional figures are characterised by excellent interpersonal skills and a certificate of higher secondary education and they speak at least one foreign language.

Hospitality services connected to safety regulations

These services essentially relate to safety in football grounds, which are subject to specific regulations. Services of this kind entail checking tickets at an event and guaranteeing the observance of the regulations implemented at the venue. They are provided by specially qualified staff that must satisfy the stringent professional and personal requisites (fitness, cultural and legal requisites) established by law. They must also possess certificates showing that they have attended the compulsory refresher courses required by law. In general, this service entails significant organisational complexity and includes a series of particularly delicate management and access control activities.

Ticketing services

These services, which are performed by specially trained staff, usually consist in the following: fiscal accounting, use of electronic ticketing software and money handling. Dedicated Best Union Company Spa employees provide ticketing services when event tickets are issued and sold at the venues (e.g. stadiums, exhibition centres, theatres). This service, together with the provision of ticket management hard- and software systems, allows significant improvements in the end user’s perceived quality of the event and optimises the interaction between the two spheres of activity.

Administrative management and accounting consultancy service

The payment and ticketing assistance services are managed by assisting the organiser in a correct interaction with the Royalties Authority and Revenue Office, allowing it to fulfil all legal requirements correctly.  These advisory services are provided by highly qualified staff with up-to-the-minute knowledge, appointed to perform accounting activities and complete the paperwork required pursuant to applicable tax regulations.

Accessory services

The Group also provides a number of services connected with event organisation and staging and human resources services for special activities. These include staff for the management of call centres and business meetings during trade fairs, material supplies, interpreters and fire prevention staff.

Communication services – HBComm