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Best Union Company SpA, Bologna-based company founded in 1999 and publicly traded in 2008, is one of the world’s leading operators in planning, production, commercialization and management of integrated electronic ticketing and access control systems as well as in management and organization of reception and security services for events.

Event management specialist Best Union Group has three service areas:

  • electronic ticketing
  • access control
  • event hospitality and security

and is split into two business areas that work together to provide clients with the products and services they need:

Software and systems: the designing, development and installation of computerised ticket presales, onsite ticketing and access control management systems.

Human resource services and supplementary services: These include qualified human resource services for the performance of ticketing, hospitality and security activities and Supplementary services connected to event management and organisation such as the management of administrative and fiscal procedures connected to the event and communication and sports marketing management.

In the early days, the core business of Best Union Company was the designing, development and installation of computerised systems used to manage ticket presales, onsite ticketing and access control. The above areas have been gradually implemented with other areas of business such as the provision of qualified staff for ticketing, hospitality and security services (www.ebcge.eu) and, most recently, advertising and communication management in the sports and show business fields (www.hbcomm.it).