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The company started business back in 1999, when EBC s.r.l., – a company specialised in the event management and ticketing, merged with another Bologna-based company specialised in computerised solutions and technological services to form Best union Company S.p.A., combining in a single market player technological experience and components relating to ticketing and access control systems on the one hand and event organisation and managing and hospitality and staffing services, on the other.

From the outset, the Company specialised in large-scale event management and organisation, managing for its Clients a series of services ranging from supplying ticketing hard- and software systems to automated access control, fiscal and administrative management and accounting and marketing and promotion, through to providing dedicated staff for event management and organisation.



On 23rd September, EBC, a company specialised in event management and ticketing, merges with a Bologna-based software house to form Best Union Company S.p.A., combining technological experience and components relating to ticketing and access control systems on the one hand and event organisation and managing and hospitality and staffing services, on the other, in a single market player.

2000 – 2004

In July 2000, as part of a share capital increase, the Fininvest Group company Jumpy purchases a 20% stake in Best Union. In 2003, Best Union purchases the Chartanet business branch from Cedacri, a provider of IT services for the banking sector, which simultaneously buys a 3% holding in Best Union stock. Chartanet provides Best Union with important new sales opportunities through advanced ticket sales using the banking channel, allowing the Group to consolidate its position in this strategic market.   In July 2004, Luca Montebugnoli, former Managing Director of Best Union and majority shareholder of EBC, liquidates the Bolognese software house to acquire a majority holding in the company. Towards the end of the year, Jumpy, in line with the objectives of the Fininvest Group, sells its interest in Best Union to Luca Montebugnoli.

2005 – 2008

In 2005, a number of new investors purchase stakes in Best Union’s company capital. These include Pavarotti International, owned by Maestro Luciano Pavarotti and Nicoletta Mantovani, which purchases a 20% holding in the company and King S.p.A., owned by Bolognese entrepreneur Giorgio Seragnoli, which takes on a 15% stake. As part of the agreements concerning the arrival of these new shareholders, Best Union Company agrees to purchase 100% of EBC’s shares. Best Union Company’s consolidation comes a few years later, in 2007, when it purchases the stock held by Cedacri (2%) and Kenetscheneider (5%), amounting to a total of 7% of its own shares.

On 20th May, Best Union Company S.p.A. is floated on the Italian Stock Exchange when it is listed on the Expandi market. At the same time, it signs a two-year contract, through Consorzio Fair Service, with Fiera Milano S.p.A., for the management of its ticketing, hospitality, access control and security services.  A few months later, it purchases 65% of the company stock of Team 2015 S.r.l., which provides exhibitor and visitor hospitality services to Fiera Milano S.p.A., and a 75% share in In Service Facility, a public and industrial cleaning sector company.


In April, Best Union Company S.p.A. completes it most ambitious industrial transaction ever when it purchases the OmniTicket group, an international leader in access control and ticketing solutions for the leisure, entertainment and culture markets The operation makes Best Union one of the world’s top five sector specialists, with a significant increase in its presence outside the Italian market, allowing it to guarantee the presence of installations in 21 countries worldwide. This extremely substantial growth allows the Best Union Group to attract important investment resources.
During the same period, Gabbi & Venturi Group, a holding of a group of companies providing products and services for exhibitions and other large-scale events, decides to purchase a 30% share in HB Communication, thus merging their high-level expertise in the production and staging of events.
On 27th May, on appointment by the FIGC (the Italian Football Association), Best Union manages the staffing of the Champions’ League final with a 1,000-strong security service, as well as the event’s access control and hospitality services. The organisation is a resounding success, achieving high acclaim in the national and international press.
On 22nd June, the companies listed on the Expandi Market are incorporated into the main Italian Stock Exchange, the MTA. With this change, Best Union shares became part of one of the most important indexes on the Italian Stock Exchange.
In July, a strategic three-year contract is signed with AlmavivA Finance, a leading Italian professional IT services provider, making AlmavivA Finance the Group’s privileged IT partner.
At the end of the year, Best Union signs an agreement with Fiera Rimini, for the management of the ticketing, hospitality, access control and security services during all the events held at Rimini Exhibition Centre for a three-year period.


Ticketweb S.r.l., a member of the Best Union Group specialising in the handling of ticketing and event management services, purchases the business branch Ticketweb.it S.r.l. – a company owned by ForumNet S.p.A., a specialist in ticket promotion, sale and reservation services for musical, theatrical, sports and artistic events. This transaction with a high-profile partner gives Best Union important exposure in the live entertainment field.