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Новости — 10 января 2014 19:00

Omniticket Network Welcomes Aboard Flyover Canada!

10persitoOmniTicket Network has implemented its Best Overview Solution (BOS) at FlyOver Canada in Vancouver.
This brand-new “must-see” attraction has developed an innovative and thrilling flight simulation ride that takes advantage of the latest technology to present a truly unique high flying experience!
The 30 minute experience includes a pre-show, an informative pre-flight briefing and then an exhilarating flight over Canada’s majestic scenery!

The OmniTicket Network team was excited to go to Vancouver earlier this year to install the BOS system and witness the grand opening of this wonderful new attraction. The installed system included ticketing, POS and access control, as well as online sales.
Tickets are available now at www.flyovercanada.com.