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Software and systems

Our software products are designed with our clients’ needs in mind. All Best Union products share the following characteristics:

  • Imagethey are company-owned, which allows us to manage all software adaptation, evolution and upgrading phases internally;
  • they have a modular design, making them highly flexible and adaptable to suit client requirements;
  • they are web-based products that fully exploit all the communication/connection potential deriving from the worldwide diffusion of the Internet in both the corporate and private markets;
  • they are multi-language products, which makes products suitable for sale on foreign markets;
  • they have obtained the type approval pursuant to applicable regulations.
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Best Union has internally designed and devised a Windows-based computer system, named “Forum”, which consists in a modular electronic

ticketing and access control system, destined to meet the complex on site and remote ticketing needs of exhibition, stadium, sports ground, theatre and theme park organisers

. In terms of data networks,

the system operates on local (LEN), geographic (WAN) and Internet (WEB) networks.

In addition to the “fiscal” management of ticketing in compliance with current regulations, Forum provides additional services such as, the management of visitor records, statistical and organisational reporting and diversified payment systems (cash, credit cards, etc.).

The software is common to all applications, which can be activated either individually or jointly, for the sale of event tickets (at the venue, from ticket agents, banks, on the Internet and through call centres, etc.).