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The Group

Best Union Company Spa is one of Italy’s leading companies in the management and organisation of hospitality services, security, production and sale of electronic ticketing and access control systems.  The Group’s well-established market position is confirmed by its client portfolio that includes top organisers of sports events, trade fairs and theme parks on a nationwide level. The uniqueness of its business model makes Best Union a privileged partner that provides integrated solutions to its clients’ needs.

The Best Union Group is the only organisation able to provide a diverse range of solutions for all types of initiative, event and venue requiring ticketing technology and services, from shows to sports events, theme parks to exhibitions to trade fairs and cultural sites and entertainment in general.
The Group’s core businesses range from the provision of advanced electronic ticketing systems to access control, platforms and services for online advanced ticket sales and distribution using a multi-channel logic with real-time transaction checks. The Group also provides hospitality and security services and staff and manages aspects related to the advertising, sponsorship and promotion of events.

Its direct, strategic presence in 4 different countries (Italy, England, America and Singapore) make the Group an ideal global partner in terms of both market and international presence.